LENA have the capacity to conduct all aspects of design, manufacture and analysis in-house. This includes multiple software packages, incorporating several CAD systems, as well as CAM, CFD and FEA.

We have diverse and established supply chain, mostly from the motorsport and aerospace sectors. Additionally, we have a proven record in developing cross-industry suppliers and subcontractors to meet the high standards required for spaceflight qualification.

LENA Space manufacture over 90% of components in-house, using state-of-the-art CNC machining, with continuous tooling and toolpath development. Raw materials are sourced from aerospace suppliers, with material test programmes to enable quality assurance of our manufactured components. We have significant experience with machining both these and additively manufactured parts to extremely tight tolerances, as required for spaceflight components.


CNC alignment checking

Checking alignment and tolerances of pump components during manufacture.

CNC toolpath design

Design of CNC toolpaths for pump components.

Manufacture of cryogenic pump body

Manufacture of cryogenic pump, showing the completed body.

Manufacture of cryogenic pump

Manufacture of cryogenic pump, showing the completed axial inducer.