LENA Space’s aim is to provide mass-produced, low-cost modular rocket engine systems to the emerging UK and EU commercial launch sector for access to space.

By developing and supplying propulsion technology for the space market, LENA aim to reduce the cost of developing and operating launch vehicles by removing the need for launcher companies to develop their own engines – instead purchasing an ‘off-the-shelf’ range of modular engines that can be configured for multiple vehicle designs and payloads. This is an approach that has been proven by the commercial aircraft industry over the last 80 years.

LENA have a background supporting high performance automotive projects and spacecraft systems assembly integration, developing supply chains from non-traditional space sectors. Coupled with core competancies such as turbopump design, manufacture and testing, development of low-cost vacuum ignition systems, and testing green propellant propulsion systems, LENA is in a unique position to disrupt the commercial space sector.

LENA are involved in multiple ESA and UK Space Agency programmes focused on engine development, as well as working with innovative space companies providing research, design, development and testing of new technology. 

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