Designed for space, for use on earth.

LENA Space designs and develops low-cost, fast-to-market, high-performance turbopumps for space propulsion. As part of our vision to commercialise space technology, we explore alternative Earth applications for our technology with industry experts from energy, environment and transport sectors, amongst others. Designing for extreme conditions makes LENA’s turbomachinery technology the most durable, high-performing, lightweight and innovative solution on the market both in space and for applications on Earth.

LENA is running two lighthouse programmes for the Earth Applications.

Fire Fighting: Recent fires in high rise buildings here in the UK and the Middle East have highlighted the need for more powerful pumping systems that can reach further and deliver large volumes of water.  Our turbopump technology can be fitted to existing fire-fighting vehicles but will deliver performance exceeding current industry standards.

Flood Defence / Prevention: There is no doubt that severe and unpredictable floods are happening more frequently here in the UK and around the world.  The ability to transport lightweight, high-performance pumps quickly to an affected area is vital in minimising the damage and disruption caused by flooding.

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