The LENA Space Team

The LENA Space Team

LENA Space Ltd was co-founded in 2016 by Edward, Lee and Natasha

Edward Fletcher

The LENA Space Team
Edward is a joint founder of LENA Space following a decade of work in innovative research and developmental engineering, both in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. This has included projects as diverse as experimental aircraft, jetpacks and supersonic cars. Edward has many years of experience in rocket propulsion, both in ground-based and spacecraft systems, most notably at Bloodhound SSC and Surrey Satellite Technology.

Lee Giles

Lee is a joint founder of LENA Space with experience in taking research and development projects to market from motorsport concepts, propellant handling, ground support equipment through to LEO and GEO stationary satellite development. Lee has over eight years of international experience in composites and prototype manufacturing, in both medium and low volume structures, in extreme climates from The Arctic to Africa.

Natasha Allden

Natasha is a joint founder of LENA Space. She brings over 15 years of international corporate and start-up experience in marketing and business development. Projects have included growth and development of FinTech and RecruitmentTech start-ups, strategy and digital innovation for FTSE100 companies and Directorship with the Land Speed Record team.

The Wider Team

LENA Space comprises of a diverse team of expert engineers and consultants, combining over 20 years of experience with rocket propulsion design. Their team advises both the UK Space Agency and European Union Research Executive Agency on Access to Space and Rocket Propulsion, and include former staff members of the European Space Agency and Atomic Weapons Establishment.