About LENA Space

About LENA Space

What We Do

Our vision at LENA Space is to accelerate the development of technology for space exploration and commercialisation.

Building high-performance, cost-effective technologies for space-launch systems for sale in the global marketplace.

Our values:

  • Safe and sustainable development
  • Continually challenge processes and technologies for optimal solutions
  • Focus on speed to market by implementing agile processes
  • Promote the UK space industry, driving access to space and impacting trade and employment opportunities.

Why We Do What We Do

Our work supports UK aspirations for sector growth aligned with the UK government’s ambition to increases share of the global space market to 10% by 2030. Notably, by focussing on high-performance, low-cost technology our work breaks down the barrier to space by offering competitive products and services.

How We Do What We Do

With over 50 years of experience from rockets to a land speed record car, hovercraft and jetpacks, the LENA Space team is one of the most skilled and experienced teams of space engineers in the UK.

We focus purely on bringing high-performing, low-cost technology and services for launch vehicles and launch capability to the market. This has resulted in a six-year road map of agile development.

We work with suppliers, partners and advisors from across the industry. This brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise and supports knowledge share and growth in the marketplace.