LENA Space’s vision is to address today’s challenge of bringing connectivity, communication and information to the world. Accelerating access to space, developing fast to market, low-cost propulsion and vehicle technology for launch.

LENA Space Founded

Edward, Lee and Natasha co-founded LENA Space.

Awarded NSTP3 Grant

Development of turbopump with Lockheed Martin as customer support commenced.

Research & Development Consultancy to SSTL

LENA works on HTP Research and Development on the ESA telecommunication project with SSTL.

Mark 1 Turbine Developed

Development of Mark 1 Turbine.

Grant for Exploratory Ideas Awarded

LENA Space won and started a Grant for Exploratory Ideas from the UK Space Agency.

Oerlikon Partnership

LENA announces partnership with Oerlikon to explore advanced manufacturing for space technology.

Core activity at LENA Space focusses on end-to-end propulsion systems for space launchers. The earth applications division of LENA explores how the technology designed for space can be used on earth.


LENA Space is aligned with the UK’s aspirations for sector growth and commercialisation of space by enabling access to space. Supporting skill growth, employment, export ambitions and economic growth across the country.

LENA Space Team

With over 50 years of experience from rockets to land speed record cars, satellites, Formula 1 and jetpacks, LENA space has one of the most skilled and diverse teams of space engineers in the UK. LENA has one of the last teams in the UK to have fired a 120kN rocket, bringing experience as well as innovation to the LENA vision.

Edward Fletcher, CEO

Edward is a joint founder of LENA Space following a decade of work in innovative research and developmental engineering, both in the United Kingdom and New Zealand. This has included projects as diverse as experimental aircraft, jetpacks and supersonic cars. Edward has many years of experience in rocket propulsion, both in ground-based and spacecraft systems, most notably at Bloodhound SSC and Surrey Satellite Technology.

Lee Giles, CTO

Lee is a joint founder of LENA Space with experience in taking research and development projects to market from motorsport concepts, propellant handling, ground support equipment through to LEO and GEO stationary satellite development. Lee has over eight years of international experience in composites and prototype manufacturing, in both medium and low volume structures, in extreme climates from The Arctic to Africa.

The Wider Team

LENA Space comprises a diverse team of expert engineers and consultants, combining over 20 years of experience with rocket propulsion design. Their team advises both the UK Space Agency and European Union Research Executive Agency on Access to Space and Rocket Propulsion, and include former staff members of the European Space Agency and from a range of sectors.